Friday, August 24, 2012

First pepper

Look! It's our very first pepper! I know, most of you have probably been harvesting giant shiny beautiful peppers for months. Not me. I planted pepper seeds that I got for free at the seed swap, and none of them came up. So I bought pepper seeds from the nursery and planted those. A few came up, then they died. By the time I gave up and just bought seedlings, it was very late in the season.

I may have left it on the plant a bit too long. I was hoping it would grow more. It's only about an inch long, and the tag said 3 to 5 inches. Of course, the tag also said "very sweet" and "wonderful flavor," neither of which are true of this sad little specimen.

There are still a bunch of green peppers still on the plant, though. We'll wait and see how they turn out before passing judgment on the variety.


Variety: "Gypsy Wonder"
Grower: Sweetwater Nursery