Friday, September 21, 2012


I have a hard time letting go of summer. It's easy to be in denial when the weather is so nice. I'm still planting seeds and running around barefoot. The strawberries are bearing nicely, even though it's their first year, and some of the raspberry canes are putting out a small second crop.

Still, Saturday is the autumn equinox, and the garden is gently reminding me that this is okay. There are many lovely things about fall. The blueberry leaves turn pretty colors. I have three little winter squashes to make into ravioli or soup or pies, and the farmers markets and produce stores have dozens more varieties.

Blueberry, unknown variety. Gift from a neighbor. Produced a couple handfuls of tiny but sweet berries.

Red Kuri winter squash. Japanese Heirloom. Produced two hand-sized squash.

Even though most of the summer crops are winding down, there are still plenty of cool-weather crops to grow. Garlic should go in around now, and a neighbor on her way to BART paused to suggest I try this new black garlic that everyone's talking about. I just planted a row of sweet "Taichung 13" edible podded sugar peas, a variety I've been wanting to try. And it's a great time for greens, now that summer's heat won't make the plants bolt before they're large enough to harvest.

Happy Fall, everyone.

Dandelion at the edge of the berry patch.

Potimarron winter squash. French heirloom. Produced one small squash.
(potiron = pumpkin, marron = chestnut, potimarron = chestnut-flavored pumpkin)

Raspberry ("Amity," I think). Produced a handful of berries in spring.

Blackberry, "Black Satin Thornless." Produced several handfuls of excellent berries.