Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First watermelons!

Not too many people grow melons around here. It's not quite as warm as most melons like it, so you may be giving up a big chunk of garden real estate for nothing. On the other hand, you may get lucky. I planted a half-dozen seeds in the west bed of the garden back in spring, and now our little watermelon patch has a handful of tiny melons tucked away under the leaves, plus two about as big as my hand.

The "Moon and Stars" melons are the producers this year. They get the name from the yellow spots that freckle the leaves and melon (the "stars") and the single large round yellow spot (the "moon") on the belly of each melon. The "Sugar Baby" vines never got bigger than a few inches, but they were a few feet over and got less sun, so I may try them again next year in a sunnier spot.

All the seeds were acquired at the seed swap co-hosted by:
The Ecology Center in Berkeley, CA
The Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library in Richmond, CA